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At the heart of Mushroom Studio sits a Neve VR board which grants a very warm and powerful sound, perfect for drum tracking and rock productions in general. However we do record any kind of music. You will have the opportunity of recording separately starting from the rhythmic section and then overdubbing or choose to live record yet avoiding spillage by using iso-boots for the amplifiers.

On-Site Recording
Mushroom Studio partners up with Your Ohm, a mobile studio which gives you the opportunity of recording your tracks directly in your rehearsal spaces with a good quality at an affordable price.

Mushroom Studio is powered by Protools HDX which has amazing editing capabilities. Do you want to tighten your rhythmic section? Do you need to quantize some drum grooves? Do you need to fix those guitar licks? Is your vocal track a bit flat or needs to be aligned to an other take? Yep, we can fix all of this.

Mushroom Studio is a mainly analogue studio, mixing is carried out through the Neve board, a good selection of outboard and 32 channels of A/D-D/A convertion. Should you be willing to mix in the box you could take advantage of Protools HDX running PT 10 and 11 with a good amount of plug-ins, on top of them Sonnox Elite Bundle.

On-Line Mixing
At Mushroom Studio we are more than happy to work with you even if you cannot come to us. Just use any file sharing service to send us your separate tracks together with a reference and we will mix it for you.
Send us a snapshot of your track arrangement so we can discuss workflow and price range.

Mushroom Studio can provide mastering to tracks mixed at their facilities but we suggest you spent some extra cash on a good master. We collaborate with a large network of mastering studios all over the world and we are more than happy to connect you to the one which better suits your music and budget.